TEDx Square Mile

“Limit / less”
27th March 2021

TEDx is an open-source community of events that inspire innovation, thought leadership and visionary insights. The theme for this year’s TEDxSquareMile event is Limit / Less.

The word ‘limitless’ may bring to mind the idea of never-ending growth; of consistent transformation that releases new (sometimes scary) possibilities.

From our nine speakers, attendees will be exposed to fresh, innovative, and inspiring ideas to spark breakthroughs into new growth and transformation.

This year’s event is organised by three women who are passionate about sharing how incredible this local community really is. A virtual conference-style event, TEDx talks videos, live speakers, and interactive break-out sessions will be combined to spark deep discussion and connection.

This event is a celebration of 7 years bringing TEDxSquareMile to the business, technology and education hub in the heart of London.