18 March 2017



Today technology gives us unprecedented access to people and knowledge. This interconnectivity makes many more things possible, but also means the world is fluid and harder to predict.

When learning no longer stops at school or university, and life changes faster than you can spell curriculum, the burning question on our minds is “what is the future of education and learning?”

We have other questions too:

  • Does delivering content mean people are learning?
  • Is education about learning about things or learning about you?
  • How can education help us build better societies?
  • Is technology making us smarter or just more stressed?
  • What do we need to learn to be prepared for the world of work?
  • Will our speakers answer any of these questions, or bring their own?

We are excited to announce that TEDxSquareMile returns on 18 March 2017 in the City of London.

Our next event is a celebration of 5 years of bringing TEDxSquareMile to the business, technology and education hub in the heart of London.

‘The School of Tomorrowis our theme and we hope you will join us in exploring some of the questions above.

To stay connected with news on speakers, venue and tickets as we confirm the details, follow-us on social media:

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The TEDx SquareMile Team