Tiffany Jenkins

Author and academic


Tiffany Jenkins is an author, academic, and ex-columnist for the Scotsman. She wrote the critically acclaimed Keeping Their Marbles: How The Treasures Of The Past Ended Up In Museums And Why They Should Stay There, published in 2016.  She is the writer and presenter of the 2016 BBC Radio 4 series, A Narrative History Of Secrecy. She has been a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics, and was previously the director of the Arts and Society Programme at the Institute of Ideas. Her first degree is in art history, her PhD in sociology.

At TEDx Square Mile Tiffany will show how Museums are vital for the learning of tomorrow. They and their objects are time machines, transporting the visitor across continents and centuries.  They house the ‘real thing’, which can help locate human beings in history, essential when so much of what we do everyday is mediated through a computer screen. They give us historical perspective; only by understanding where we came from can we work out the map to the future. They are sources of unique evidence, which can help to challenge orthodoxies. Learning doesn’t end when we leave school.