‘The School of Tomorrow’ – 18 March 2017

Our Master of Ceremony (MC)


Shnay Chohan

Our Speakers


Kimberly Chimsasa
“I wish I knew how it would feel to be free” (Cover song)
Kimberly’s love and passion for spreading the gift of music through song has always pushed her to perform.
Dave Cornthwaite
11 Things I wish I’d been taught at school
Dave Cornthwaite was never very good at school, but started to excel when he finally left the education system.
Tiffany Jenkins
Why an ancient Mesopotamian tablet is key to our future learning
In our ephemeral, digital world where everything is mediated through a computer screen and summoned by the click of a mouse, ancient objects in dusty old museums are essential to future of learning.
Dr. Seren Dalkiran
The Role of Millennials in The Emerging Story of Our Time
She explores whether young people are the carriers of the characteristics of a new leadership paradigm that is responsive to tackling our pressing societal challenges.
Clemens von Stengel
How not to say no, and bring your ideas to life
Clemens is a student at The City of London School, who kindly hosted us this year, and won a competition we ran for pupils to propose talks they would like to present.


Chris Panting
How can Business and Schools enhance Career Guidance together?
Fundamentally Chris believes people should have work they are enthused by, believe in and are good at.
Joanna Webster
Stretch and the City
Jo Webster is the Managing Editor for Strategy and Operations for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Reuters.
Timandra Harkness
What is Knowledge in the Age of Big Data?
Timandra presents the BBC Radio 4 series, FutureProofing; and documentaries including Data, Data Everywhere, Personality Politics & The Singularity.


Daniel Rowntree
Daniel Lewis Rowntree (goes by the name RedBeard) is a beatboxer who has been beatboxing since 2012.
Emma Lawton
What Parkinson’s Taught Me
At TEDx Square Mile, Emma touched on 10 things Parkinson’s has taught her about life, herself and other people to show how being diagnosed has been the making of her, leaving her grateful rather than hopeless.
Magdalena Bak-Maier
The incredible power of looking at the world with ‘kind eyes’
Magdalena is a change maker committed to making our world a better place, who teaches people how to operate with more ‘heart’.
Jamie Maddison
How three levers pull people in. Brand lessons from a 64-day ride
Jamie is an accomplished journalist, nominated national adventurer of the year, equestrian Long Rider and explorer, who also has a day job as a Senior Editorial Strategist.


David Keene
Failing to Learn
In this TEDx talk David explores how to fail well and still succeed.
Nicola Miller
Join the #RareRevolution!
Nicola talks with passion about the importance of better representation for those affected with rare disease across all walks of life and how the key to achieving this is RARE education.
Steve Dineen
Education – The Way Students want it
Steve is an EdTech entrepreneur who is passionate about bottling greatness and sharing it through learning & communications technology.
Alexandra Gabriel
Music, the doorway to your emotions and intuitive self
Alexandra Gabriel started her musical training at a young age as a chorister in Exeter Cathedral.
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