Shola West


Shola West is a former digital marketing apprentice and now full-time employee at one of the fastest tech start-ups in Europe, Multiverse. In addition to her primary role, she proactively advocates for youth diversity as seen on the likes of BBC Radio 1. She is also the founder of a youth community platform called Youth Unlocked which aims to support young professionals from underprivileged backgrounds to thrive in their early careers. Shola is incredibly driven and passionate about changing the narrative for young people across the UK.


Everyone has an opportunity to highlight their skills, it just depends on the opportunities made available to them. Those of us on the streets are rarely given the chance to demonstrate skills they do have, albeit in a different environment. A drug dealer needs time management skills, or he’s out of business. What if a solution was to place them into apprenticeships? How can apprenticeships be a viable solution to bridging the gap between those who are lucky enough to start off in typical employment and those who are not?

Favourite TED / TEDx talk

My favourite TED is “Asking for help is not a weakness” by Michelle L. Sullivan. I loved how she challenged the meaning around the saying ‘put yourself in other people’s shoes’ and got viewers thinking more about how to support others first.

What does limitless mean to you?

Limitless is not letting your past define your future.