Phoebe Phan

Budgets & Finance


Favourite TED talk: “Teach girls bravery, not perfection” by Reshma Saujani. Negative outcomes and imperfection are not failures, they are a couple of obstacles everyone often encounters on our way to finding success. Young women, myself included, are encouraged to be brave enough to embrace what we want to pursue in life. If one only aims for perfection and rather does nothing to avoid failure than gives it a go, one will lose the chance to ever find out whether success will come their way. It’s a truly inspiring talk from a woman who has bravely taken her risks.

Where I went to school: I went to school in Hanoi (Vietnam) and sixth form in Manchester (UK).

A favourite piece of memory from school days: The gentle and warm smile of my Math teacher, especially when we pupils were asking way too many questions. He was one of the most patient, caring, and considerate teachers I have ever had. Favourite school lesson: A-level Law.

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