Max Fellows


A prominent figure in the world of events and recently voted one of the top industry influencers, Max Fellows has built a career through meaningful relationships whilst delivering best in class growth for brands. Max is also the Co-founder of Virtual Events Directory and Elevate, the industry largest free mentoring and training platform. 

After an unprecedented year for events and in an ever-changing industry landscape, Max is now leveraging this expansive experience to enable agencies and brands to navigate and capitalise on this new age of live, digital and hybrid communication.

With a wealth of experience in strategy, planning, creative production and talent management, Max is now a passionately engaging audiences across a broad range of multinational industry events and using his platform to share his learnings, insights and predictions for the future.


Max Fellows will explore the idea “is your network really your net-worth?”. He looks at the tangible value of having a robust network. In doing so, he will tackle the stigma surrounding networking and demonstrate the benefits, methods and monetary value your network holds.

Favourite TED / TEDx talk

My favourite TED Talk has to be Simon Sinek’s How great leaders inspire action. It is one of the first talks I watched when first discovering the TED series, and is one that just connoted with me, sparking a sudden moment of excitement I’d not had with a talk before. This was then swiftly followed up with a rapid period of jotting ideas and thoughts down. It really resonated as he articulates many of my similar beliefs and behaviours in a really simple and effective way.

What does limitless mean to you?

To me, limitless means unbound capabilities paired with endless opportunities. It means having the ability to not only achieve anything, but be absolutely anything. Without limitation, restriction or curtailment. It also sparks excitement, promoting your imagination to conjure up scenarios of what could/ might be possible now or in the future.