Lisa Talia Moretti


Lisa Talia Moretti is an award-winning Digital Sociologist who for more than a decade, has studied and written about the relationship between technology, information and society. Lisa is also an Associate Lecturer at Goldsmiths and Cardiff University and a Visiting Teacher at Plymouth University and Sup De Pub in Paris. Her research has gained international coverage with CNN, BBC, Fast Company, Campaign, Techcrunch, Forbes and others.


We need to urgently reimagine technology as a system, not a series of products. If we don’t, our efforts to democratise AI will continue to feel like a struggle.

Favourite TED/TEDx Talk

Brené Brown, The Power of Vulnerability. For making us laugh, for making us cry and for making us think of our human vulnerabilities as strengths rather than weaknesses.
What does thriving mean to you?
For me, thriving isn’t about the constant pursuit of happiness or even just happiness itself. Thriving is about being an active participant in helping to restore and maintain balance in all systems and all societies around the world.