‘Limit / Less’ – 27 March 2021

Our Speakers

SESSION 1 – Limitless Organisations

Shola West

Apprenticeships Can Take Ambitious Youth From The Streets to The Boardroom

Everyone has an opportunity to highlight their skills, it just depends on the opportunities made available to them. Check out how Shola discusses why apprenticeships can be a viable solution.

Alastair Robertson

The Myths You Can Bust to Embrace Automation

By taking people through his journey, Alastair wants to change perceptions of automation, dispel the myths and share his experience of how this technology can make our working lives so much better.

Dr J Harrison

Inclusive Teams Deliver

Intertwined with the Agile Manifesto, Dr. J will give a vision for the future that builds on what the best teams already do – but often do unknowingly. By making these actions a mindset, conscious and thoughtful, we can have huge impacts. 

SESSION 2 – Limitless Communities

Max Fellows

What Impact Can Your Network Really Have on Your Net-Worth?

Max Fellows will look at the tangible value of having a robust network. In doing so, he will tackle the stigma surrounding networking and demonstrate the benefits, methods and monetary value your network holds.

James Poetzscher

How Free Data Enables Us to Tackle Air Pollution and Climate Change

James discusses how free data can tackle air pollution and climate change. He explores how ordinary citizens can devise solutions to these large-scale issues.

Adam Biddle

Defining the ROI of Social Media

In this talk, Adam will simplify the complex ever changing world of social media with a look at what needs to be used to help understand social media regardless of your intention of using the platform. 

SESSION 3 – Limitless Individuals

Baguiasri Mandane

What Can The Pandemic Teach Us About Resilience?

Baguiasri explains the fundamental characteristics to building resilience and what it looks like in practice. She asks us to unleash our true elasticity: redefine, renew and reset.

Mike Fisher

How Confidence Really Works

Mike Fisher’s talk provides simple, powerful tools to help you understand and manage your confidence to empower you to reach your fullest potential.

Jodi Scholes

How Your Pain Might Be Telling a Story

In this talk, Jodi encourages you to take a look at what might be really causing you pain. She will bring you along a journey of an ancient concept that every part of the body can have specific triggers.