Ishita Ranjan


An avid reader, writer and storyteller, Ishita Ranjan is the Co-Founder of Copy & Code – an online marketing and website development agency that enables social impact organisations to build their presence and share their impact.

Ishita is passionate about understanding and sharing stories from marginalised voices in society, and the role this plays in our collective understanding of the world we live in. She is on a mission to explore the lesser told version of events, be they historial or happening in real time!


If we want to solve the problems we are seeing in the present and the ones we anticipate in the future, we must look back and listen to the voices that don’t get heard – only when we learn the lessons from the untold past, can we find the answers for moving forward.

Favourite TED/TEDx Talk

If I should have a daughter – Sarah Kay: This talk beautifully uses spoken word to convey childhood experiences intertwined with personal hopes for change. It perfectly combines stories from the past with hopes for the future and tells them in a way that is rhythmic, emotive and entirely capturing!

What is your spirit animal?

A dolphin – kind, playful and like to travel in a pod!