Dr. Magdalena Bak-Maier

Change Maker at Make Time Count


Magdalena is a change maker committed to making our world a better place, who teaches people how to operate with more ‘heart’. Connecting heart and mind is what she sees as the biggest challenge and opportunity for a better world, effective leadership and good self-management.  Her work and research shows that developing the skill of connection is vital for personal wellbeing, for individual and workplace productivity, for fulfilling relationships, for ending conflict, and for effective education. She is on a mission to spread this knowledge and make positive change happen.

AT TEDx Square Mile Magdalena will explore challenges like bullying levels at school, conflict levels in the workplace, and stress and trauma that are entirely preventable.  Using her research she will show how the school of tomorrow could teach kids and adults practical insights on establishing trust and connection, using a simple and powerful model for how we can help others and ourselves feel safer and do better together.