Dr. Andrea and Jon Taylor-Cummings


Dr. Andrea and Jon Taylor-Cummings are passionate about building strong relationships and stemming the tide of family breakdown. For the last 20+ years, alongside careers in professional services (Management Consulting and Investment Banking respectively), and being serial entrepreneurs, they have been running relationship building workshops and seminars to help people better manage home/work/life tensions.  In 2016, Andrea and Jon established Soulmates Academy to help individuals and organisations achieve better wellbeing and emotional health through proactively equipping people with strong relationship skills as a natural part of personal and professional development. They both hold postgraduate Management Studies degrees from Oxford University. Andrea is also a Jamaican Rhodes Scholar.


Relationship breakdown is crippling us as individuals, as families and as a society. With the stats revealing that roughly half of all couples don’t “go the distance” and that family breakdown is an increasing cause of mental health concerns in our youth, this talk is a message of urgency around the need for proactively equipping people with strong relationship skills in order to stem the tide.

Favourite TED/TEDx Talk

Great advice from Mandy Saligari (TEDx Guildford) that is counter-intuitive but true – in order to set and maintain healthy boundaries for our children, as parents we must look after ourselves first – basically “put on your own oxygen mask first”.

What does thriving mean to you?

“Thriving” means being able to turn up as your vibrant #BestSelf at home, at work and in life, with the skills to build great relationships that support you in being healthy physically, emotionally and mentally.