Bethany Rivett-Carnac

Visual Capturer of Inspiration


Favourite TED talk: The TED talk that has had the most profound effect on me personally is Brene Brown, ‘The Power of Vulnerability’ as I am a recovering perfectionist, one imperfectly perfect moment at a time.  I recently saw Margaret Heffernan’s ‘Why it’s time to stop the pecking order at work’ which gave me the goosebumps and summed up so eloquently how I feel the learning environment at work could be shaped through empowering everyone to realise theirs and others’ intrinsic value and share their wisdom.

Where I went to school: I went to school in my hometown of High Wycombe, Bucks.  I first met my husband at the age of 5 at Primary school as he was in the year above me – I had no idea whilst at school that we would years later meet again and end up married!

Favourite school lesson: That we all get by with a little help from our friends, family…and teachers who believe in you.  School was the first playground where I felt first hand the power of community spirit and learnt the power of playing to your strengths and finding people to collaborate with who are good at the things that don’t come naturally to you.  I would help classmates with their English homework, be on hand to chat through feelings and had friends (and my patient brother) who would help me with Chemistry, Physics and Maths.  It’s only now I realise how much those experiences shaped so much of the work I now do.

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