Alan Arnett


“After training originally as an engineer/designer, I got curious about how we humans work, and have built my career exploring what it takes for people to handle the challenges of doing new things well (e.g. digital business, innovation, change and mergers). I’ve worked directly for Ford, PwC, BP and AXA XL, and I now help people make practical sense of work and leadership for our digital age.”


Connected technology makes more things possible, and makes life more noisy, messy and fluid; we need simple, human tools to help us make useful new sense of work and life every day.

Favourite TED/TEDx Talk

“My current favourite is Celeste Headlee, at TEDxCreativeCoast.  She has great advice on how to have better conversations, and we all need more of this in the world right now.”

What is your survival kit?

“My family, who keep me grounded; the tools I’ve learned to use in messy situations; and good quality blank sketchbooks and pens, for drawing and thinking.”