Aadam Speaks


Aadam Speaks is a former Young Mayor Of Newham, Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge winner and Monologue Slam UK performer. From performing across theatres in the UK he now wants to use his words to help change the world. One thing’s for sure, Aadam Speaks will make you laugh, smile, but most importantly think about reality! Think about issues! Think about making a change!


In a day and age where adversity is apart of our every step, rather than allowing it to hinder us, we can use it to help us strive, use it to help us achieve our goals and use it to help change this world.

Favourite TED/TEDx Talk

As a 15 year old student, I never knew listening to Jamie Oliver deliver a TED talk about the negatives of sugar would stay with me till this day. It’s not so much his idea which i remember, more so his honest approach when talking – he didn’t change his accent, he didn’t omit his colloquial language and he didn’t change who he was.

What does thriving mean to you?

Continuously achieving new goals although there are multiple roadblocks that are placed in my way.