Adam Biddle


Adam Biddle has been at the forefront of media since 2009, launching the first-ever social agency for celebrities. In 2011, he was part of a small team that set up theAudience (the WME x Sean Parker social media agency) in the UK, going on to become the Managing Director of Vice Media Groups in-house social media agency, Edition. He is now the CEO and co-founder of GH05T, a social media and content production agency based in East London. Over the past 10 years, Adam has worked with over 500 Brands, celebrities, entertainment properties, sports events, HNWI and heads of states. He doesn’t use social media, or attend marketing events, and this will be his first public talk on the subject of social media.


Social media is used by over half the population of the world and ubiquitous in any brand or public marketing mix, but there has been no clear path laid out to approach it, what strategy use and how do we define and understand ROI? This talk will simplify the complex ever changing world of social media with a look at what needs to be used to help understand social media regardless of your intention of using the platform.

Favourite TED / TEDx talk

Sir Ken Robinson – “Do schools kill creativity“… I have shared this so many times I’m sure I’m responsible for at least 10million of the views. It’s funny, honest and hard hitting. For someone who loved school but didn’t feel like the system of education is built for someone like me creative not academic. This talk resonates so much with me and I still to this day hope schools can make spaces more accepting for people with a creative mindset and not just academic.

What does limitless mean to you?

The concept of limitless draws me to the idea of progress. Progress is limitless and can never be completed, everyday we are in some why trying to progress forward though our carers, hobbies, relationships and our connection to our environment. Confusion, complacent and a lack of leaders slow down our progress. TED is one of the spaces that shines a light and brings clarity on how we can progress and thus become limitless.