An interview with Dr Harry Witchel

TEDx SquareMile 2015 is now upon us, and there’s just time for one final interview with one of our speakers. Dr Harry Witchel, Discipline Leader in Physiology at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, will be presenting a talk with Lisa Lavia from the Noise Abatement Society. The thharry_witcheleme of their talk is ‘Applied soundscapes:How sound connects us’…

How did you and Lisa Lavia meet?

We met as part of the university’s engagement with the community.  We started collaborating together with Brighton and Hove City Council on planning, development and arts events.  It was fun, impactful, and we got data that neither we nor anyone else internationally could get in another way.

What does connection mean to you?

Connecting is more than adjacency.  It involves caring, sharing, and doing one’s best for others.  In the best connections, it means knowing what people want, sometimes even before they themselves know.

How do you stay connected?

Connection is not effortless – you have to work at it.

Describe your TEDx talk in 1-2 sentences?

Applied soundscapes are the future path for people to connect to each other and with the built environment.  Sound is everywhere, you can’t ignore it, it turns a space into a place.

What’s the best advice you have received?

The power of music can connect us.

Why should people come to TEDx Square Mile?

You will see some important, thought-provoking and enjoyable speakers.  Your mind will thank you for it.

What is your favourite idea spread through a TED or TEDx talk?

If we do things the way we always have done, we will not progress.  Innovate and thrive; fear and unquestioned conventions lead only to ritual and away from creativity.

Interview by Brenda Kerson

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