TEDxSquareMile 2015 – We came, we saw, we got connected…

And that’s a wrap! TEDxSquareMile2015, you were fantastic. We’d like to say a massive thank you to all who attended, to all our speakers and to Cass Business School for having us. We hope that you all enjoyed… Read More

An interview with Dr Harry Witchel

TEDx SquareMile 2015 is now upon us, and there’s just time for one final interview with one of our speakers. Dr Harry Witchel, Discipline Leader in Physiology at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, will be presenting a talk… Read More

Connecting through laughter: An interview with Arturs Ivanovs

Not long to go now, so here’s another teaser to warm you up for TEDxSquareMile 2015 this Saturday. Here we talk to speaker and laughter yoga practitioner Arturs Ivanovs about how he connects through laughter… 1. Can you… Read More

An interview with Irene Scopelliti

Just a few days left to go till we get connected at TEDxSquareMile, and we’ve been asking some of our speakers to share their thoughts about connectivity. First up, consumer psychology researcher Irene Scopelliti… What does ‘getting connected’… Read More

Get Connected at TEDxSquareMile this Saturday

Just five days to go now till we get connected with a host of great speakers at TEDx SquareMile 2015. If you haven’t already got a ticket then there are a few left, but do purchase one without… Read More

John Dennis adventurer

TEDx speaker John Dennis beat depression, now he’s taking on the arctic…

With just three weeks left to go till TEDx SquareMile 2015, now’s a good time to get to know some of our speakers a little better. First up is John Dennis, an adventurer who will be talking about… Read More

TEDX SquareMile2015

TEDx SquareMile 2015 tickets: Get ‘em while you can

With a little over a month left till we ‘Get Connected’ with some awesome talks in the City at Cass Business School, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve almost sold half of all tickets for the event. So,… Read More

You can help connect the world’s most vulnerable communities, one map at a time

In the run-up to TEDxSquareMile 2015, we’re going to be looking at innovative forms of connectivity. This week, Missing Maps aims to use digital connectivity to put the world’s most vulnerable on the map.

Reasons to be excited: Tickets and confirmed speakers

With less than two months to go till TEDxSquareMile 2015 we’ve been busy with preparations to ensure that this year’s event is the best yet. We’ve now got a total of eight confirmed speakers for the event, including… Read More

Connections in the City – A photoblog

Our world is full of connections, from the physical and technological, to the spiritual, temporal and social. To celebrate the ‘Get Connected’ theme of our upcoming TEDx event, I took a walk around the City of London to… Read More

What does it mean to get connected?

On November 28th at TEDxSquareMile 2015 in Cass Business School, a selection of inspiring guest speakers will explore what it means to ‘get connected’.  Getting connected can take place at the smallest personal level, but it can also occur… Read More


Our world is more connected than ever before. From mobile phones and the internet to global air travel and satellite communications, connections can be found in all aspects of our daily existence. But what does it really mean… Read More