Timandra Harkness

Speaker, Broadcaster and Author


Timandra presents the BBC Radio 4 series, FutureProofing; and documentaries including Data, Data EverywherePersonality Politics & The Singularity. She is resident reporter on Radio 4’s social psychology series The Human Zoo, where she is more an exhibit than a zookeeper.  She is Visiting Fellow (Knowledge Exchange) in Big Data, Information Rights and Public Engagement with the Centre for Information Rights at the University of Winchester. Her book, Big Data: does size matter? was published by Bloomsbury in 2016.  At TEDx Square Mile, Timandra will explore knowledge in the age of Big Data, looking at what it means to know something, beyond the data stored and accessed via machines.  She will discuss meaning, reasoning and understanding as verbs, not commodities, and look at what’s needed for us to restore the human mind to the act of knowing, to fully benefit from today’s cornucopia of information.