Seren Dalkiran

Co-Founder: Synergized Earth Network
Initiator: Millennial Motion: The Next Generation of Leadership


Seren Dalkiran is a lifelong learner and (leadership) educator at heart who bridges theory, practice, science and society. She believes that value-based leadership and intergenerational collaboration are key to creating conducive environments for lifelong learning. In such spaces individuals can discover their purpose, fulfil their human potential and synergize their capacities for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. In that light, she initiated and co-founded Synergized Earth Network (SEN), a global value-driven network that unites leaders and change agents across generations to tackle the most pressing challenges of our times. She also initiated Millennial Motion: The Next Generation of Leadership, a multi-stakeholder platform that sheds scientific light on the search for an alternative leadership paradigm. This platform addresses the role of youth in global change to generate evidence-based solutions across disciplines, sectors and industries. At TEDx Square Mile, Seren will reflect on the emerging story of her generation. She will draw from the insights of her cutting-edge Ph.D. research and global fieldwork to explore whether young people are the carriers of a new leadership paradigm that is more responsive to tackling our pressing societal challenges. In this way, she will reflect on the role of education in the 21st century to equip the next generation of leaders, change agents, young professionals and future decision-makers as collaborators and architects in the future prospects of our world.