Jamie Maddison

Senior Editorial Strategist, NewsCred


Jamie is an accomplished journalist, nominated national adventurer of the year, equestrian Long Rider and explorer, who also has a day job as a Senior Editorial Strategist. After a 64-day long unsupported expedition travelling across Kazakhstan by horse in 2013, he began to wonder exactly what compelled him to undertake such a gruelling challenge. Reflecting on that experience and his work since, at TEDx Square Mile Jamie will explain the three core drivers he believes can be used in all areas of life to drive passion and really get people fired up by your brand, business, charity or cultural project.

The polite version of a quote on his website sums him up roughly like this:

“I can be obsessive and, at worst, a bit of a prat. But I do believe that the best of life only comes through perseverance, patience, and the ability to say ‘stuff it, let’s give that a go’ every once in a while”