Chris Panting

Deputy Head, Ashcombe School, Surrey


Chris has been teaching since 1999 and has been at Ashcombe School in Surrey since 2000, working first as a History Teacher, then Head of Year, Assistant Head and now Deputy Head.  He is responsible for Careers and Business Links at Ashcombe, and at TEDx Square Mile he will share the amazing things the school has achieved.

Fundamentally Chris believes people should have work they are enthused by, believe in and are good at.  School careers advice has not been good at enabling that, largely because students don’t see enough of the world of work to choose well. In 2011, with budgets tight, Chris redesigned Ashcombe’s careers fair, and since then it’s grown, just a little.  They now have large formal and informal networks with over 250 active participants including exciting local businesses, multinationals, parents and education providers bringing insight they students on a level we could never have foreseen, and providing benefits on both sides.  This is only the beginning, and at TEDx Chris wants to explain what else we can achieve if we strengthen closer relationships between schools and work.